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We invite you to Lepel, to celebrate one of the most unusual Slavic holidays – “Zhanіtsba Tsyareshkі”!

A fascinating journey into the world of the ancestors, which will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of the ancient holiday, take part in the sacrament of pagan rituals, traditions and divination, to receive an incredible energetic charge laid by our ancestors into Slavic folklore.

On our way to Lepel we’ll call to Berezinsky reserve – truly unique place, a home to rare species of animals and relict plants. There we visit open-air cages with wild animals “Woodland Park Zoo”, the Museum of Nature, “Fauna Reserve”, go skiing and tobogganing.

At the end of the program – Belarusian gala dinner at the estate “Lyukzhino” with dances, songs, dances, fun contests, for the fearless – mystic fortune-telling!


1 day


January, 6

Included in price:

  • transport service (comfortable bus)
  • excursion program
  • entertainment program
  • guide service)

Price per person (group 40 people):

44 EUR

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Vitebsk region is another picturesque corner of Belarus. With its natural beauty and unique flora and fauna and an amount of reserves, it can not be put on an equal footing with other regions of the country.
The region occupies the north-eastern part of Belarus. In the east it borders on Russia, in the north-west – on Latvia, in the west – on Lithuania.

Vitebsk is located in the Euroregion Lake District, where there are more than 2,800 lakes and 500 rivers. That is why health improving tourism and agrotourism are well developed there.

Lands of Vitebsk region are famous for Polotsk Principality, which was in the basins of such rivers as the Western Dvina and Berezina. The Principality had a convenient geographical location, there was a famous trade route “from the Vikings to the Greeks”. The trade was conducted with Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and other countries. The main center of the principality – Polotsk, which is still famous for its history and preserved monuments.
Also, the area is a home for famous people: Euphrosyne of Polotsk, Ivan Hruptsky and Simeon of Polotsk who were born and lived in the Vitebsk region. It was Polotsk that gave the world the great Francis Skaryna – the famous humanist and printing pioneer.

Besides, Vitebsk region has been a major religious and cultural center. There are a lot of monasteries and cathedrals on its territory. The famous St. Sophia Cathedral is located in Polotsk. Going there, you can feel the whole spirit of the holy land, and touch the relics of St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk.
Vitebsk region is also known for its national and international festivals. The most famous of them is “Slavic Bazaar” in Vitebsk, which annually invites Belarusian and foreign stars. During this period, tours to Vitebsk are especially popular.

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