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Grodno region is located in the north-west of the country, it borders on Poland in the west and Lithuania in the north. The centre of the region is the city of Grodno, with a population of more than 300 thousand people. Region comprises 17 districts, 194 villages, 12 towns including 6 of regional subordination, and 21 urban-type settlements. A Famous river Neman flows along Grodno region, and almost all the territory of Grodno region belongs to its basin.

The Augustow Canal is one of the attractions of Grodno region. It connects the Neman and the Vistula. As for lakes, there are few of them in the region and they are inferior to the size of the lakes other areas. Grodno Region includes 10 natural reserves with the status of national significance and more than 50 natural monuments. Grodno region is rich in its history. In the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the city of Novogrudok, which now is a part of modern Grodno region, used to be the first capital of the famous multi-national state.

The Union of Krewo was concluded in 1385, and became the starting point of combining Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland, was enclosed in Krewo castle. This region can be called the cradle of architectural ensembles. Grodno region has 19 museums, 3 theaters and a philharmonic. Besides, the region is a major place of pilgrimage. In one of the temples in Zhirovichi famous icon of the Mother of God has remained intact. Mir, Novogrudok and Lida castles attract tourists. On the territory of Grodno region large-scale festivals, brewing festival in Lida, magicians and other festivals are held. Grodno region is also a progenitor of rural tourism. It is Grodno region that combines a large amount of agricultural estates and rest homes of rural type. Such tours on weekends in Grodno and Grodno region will be interesting for the whole family, as well as guests from different countries. Hospitable Grodno region invites everyone to its lands.

Kronon Park
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Kronon Park

Pyshki, 19, Grodno
Aristocratic and comfortable hotel in Grodno for refined holiday [...]
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8- Stephan Batory str., Grodno
A large four-star hotel built in the center of Grodno suitable for the whole family. [...]
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Antonov str. 10,, Grodno
Small hotel in Grodno, which offers a variety of accommodation options at an affordable price [...]
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Molodezhnaya str. 1, Grodno, Belarus, Grodno
A cozy hotel in the historic center of Grodno, surrounded by charming monuments of the city. [...]
West  Belarus
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West Belarus

[:ru]Беларусь, благодаря своему географическому положению, имеет не просто богатую историю, но и общие события с со [...]
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The sanatorium is located near Grodno. This is a good variant for rest and treatment for adults and children. [...]
Sanatorium "Energetic"
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Sanatorium "Energetic"

We offer great rest and recreation all year round in the ecologically friendly Grodno region: within pine wood, in [...]
Sanatorium "Ozerny"
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Sanatorium "Ozerny"

Sanatorium "Ozerny" is located not far from Grodno, near the village of Ozery. Surrounded by a pine forest, the san [...]
Sanatorium "Svityaz"
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Sanatorium "Svityaz"

Sanatorium "Svityaz" is located in the landscape reserve "Svityazansky" on the shore of the purest lake "Svityaz", [...]
Sanatorium Alfa-Radon
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Sanatorium Alfa-Radon

The best sanatorium of highest quality of service on the territory of Belarus. It was built in 2015. It is located [...]

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Mir Castle

Built in the early 16th century Mir Castle has been a unique monument of defensive architecture of the Middle Ages and an example of Gothic architecture. The Castle is 194 km away from Minsk.

The castle has a great historical value, as it has passed through the centuries, rich in cultural and political events. The castle includes an impressive fortress, high ramparts, a wonderful English-style park, a garden, a picturesque pond, a tomb chapel and an old watchman's house.
After the restoration works in 1987, Mir Castle acquired the status of a branch of the State Art Museum of the BSSR. UNESCO World Heritage Site would be incomplete without an impressive Mir Castle, which was included there in 2000.

Guided tours through the halls of the Mir Castle are constantly held, and you can always spend your weekend in the vicinity of the castle. Musical evenings and festivals are held there annually, where both adults and children can participate them, because it's not an everyday opportunity to plunge into the Middle Ages and see the knights in armor.

The Church of St. Michael the Archangel

In Synkovichi there is one of the oldest temples of the Belarusian defense type - the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, or as they call it in the village - St. Michael's Church. At present, the exact date of construction of the temple is unknown, historians consider this date to be between 16-17 centuries, but there is some evidence that the temple was built much earlier.

The ruins of Novogrudok castle

The main historical monument in Novogrudok region is considered to be the Novogrudok castle, more precisely its ruins.
The castle was built by the famous Mindovg, the first prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Great damage to the castle was caused during the Russian-Polish and the Northern wars. Only in the 20s of the 20th century the walls of the castle which remained whole were taken under protection.

Lida Castle

Another monument of defensive architecture, worthy of attention is the Castle in Lida, which dates back to the 14th century. The castle is under the state protection.

During summer you can visit festivals and tournaments of knights, in wintertime –to go to skating rink, which is always placed within the courtyard of the castle.

It is located about 110 km away from Grodno and Minsk.