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Team Building


Incentive trips

Incentive trips – a great way to reward your employees for their good work and motivate them to move forward with great enthusiasm.

Present to your employees a trip to Belarus – a country of peace and harmony, friendly and tolerant guests and distinctive traditions that we carefully keep and introduce to all our guests.
We can offer you a wide range of activities, starting from the rest in estates of European class, finishing with a full reboot in the village of the 18th century.

Contact us for help and ideas and let your employees get unforgettable experience!

Organization of business trips

Our professional team is ready to offer you assistance in planning and organizing trips!

Our services:

  1. Development of optimal route;
  2. Booking and Ticketing;
  3. Booking and organization of necessary transfers for entire route;
  4. Offer accommodation / booking of hotels;
  5. Visas and insurance.


Visits of delegations

Our team meets delegations directly at the International Airport of Minsk on a separate transfer.

We not only take you through the VIP lounge, organizing separate passport control and delivery of the things, but also meet all the guests of the delegation with national color, showing the hospitality of our country at first minute of your stay!

Bright and beautiful national costumes, traditional round loaf, with which we meet our guests, welcoming smiles and friendly attitude will immediately set you on a positive footing.