Internet resource The Street made a list of the 30 cleanest cities in the world. What place does Minsk have?

American portal The Street, based on the comments of the famous hotel booking site, it made a list of those cities that, according to tourists, were the cleanest. And our capital can proud of, because it entered the top three finalists and taken third place! Many will say that there is nothing special, but it is not so. This award is really worthy of respect, because it was ahead of Minsk, only such cities as Singapore, which took the first place, and Tokyo with the second position.

And now let’s better understand why these cities are so clean. Singapore is famous for its strict punishment system: for the same garbage thrown in the wrong place can give about 750 $  fine, but the most interesting thing is that here even for the fact that you will go and chew gum or just carry it with you, too, you can pay the same round amount! The Japanese also stimulates strict system of fines. Here, in addition to fines, sometimes used and imprisonment up to 5 years!

Therefore, we were lucky with Minsk… the fines are not so exorbitant, but the city is relatively clean, and yet, you will agree, there is much to strive for, so as not to bring to such extremes as in the capitals under consideration.