Hare hunting

Starting from the first Saturday of October hare hunting is allowed. In the daytime one can hunt with a gun and hounds. You can also hunt without a gun using greyhounds and hunting birds. The season lasts until 28 January 2018.

Duration of the tour:

3 days


on request

Price includes:

  • Meeting in airport, transfer to the hunting farm and back to the airport
  • Accommodation in a hunting house (3 days 2 nights)
  • 3 meals (Breakfast — 2, lunch — 3 dinner — 2)
  • Two-day hunting with a huntsman
  • Hunting trophy permission: 3 hare
  • Carbine rental (5 rounds)
  • Russian sauna

Additional charge:

  • trophy list for the export of the trophy
  • documents for import and export of weapons
  • Primary butchering carcasses
  • Primary processing and preparation of trophies
  • Weapons rental
  • Trophies obtained
  • Organisation of tours

A hunter must have much patience to catch a hare. This animal is smart and agile. To go for hare hunting one need to know their habits. A hunter must know in advance that they usually eat at night and sleep during the day. Very often hares muddle their traces, leaving a few “loops” to confuse a hunter. Also hunter should be able to shoot well: in the case when he misses the target animal may get scared and run away.

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