Fox hunting

From 01 January to 31 December fox hunting is allowed. It`s allowed to hunt the animals of any sex and age from the ambush, with beckoning, approach at the entrance, with a shelter, with hunting dogs (terriers, dachshunds, greyhounds dogs and hunting birds).

Duration of the tour:

3 days


on request


  • Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hunting farm and back to the airport
  • Accommodation in the hunting Lodge (3 days 2 nights)
  • 3 meals (Breakfast — 2, lunch — 3 dinner — 2)
  • Two days hunting with a huntsman
  • Hunting permit: 3 hare
  • Carbine rental (5 rounds)
  • Russian sauna

Additional charge:

  • trophy list for the export of the trophy
  • documents for import and export of weapons
  • Primary butchering carcasses
  • Primary processing and preparation of trophies
  • weapons rental
  • tours

If you would like to get further information feel free to contact us via (with a mark «hunting»).

Fox hunting
A fox is always often called tricky and it`s not unreasonable. This animal is smart and careful. There are three main tactics of fox hunting: from a blind, hunting on the drive and hunting with hounds.

Fox hunting with approach. The beast is not so vigilant in foggy and rainy weather, so hunting during this period is highly effective. But under such conditions of poor visibility a hunter need a pair of binoculars with good optics. Fox has good nose and ears. In order not to let an animal feel a strange smell, a hunter should choose a path against the wind.

Fox hunting on the drive. The hunting gets difficult because it is necessary to observe several animals at a time. Each has its own features, character and habits. The hunting should be carried out at night.

Fox hunting with hounds. One should take at least 1-2 dogs with him as a large number of dogs can scare a fox, but a fox shouldn`t run away because of the noise. As for a manhole, a good option would be a blank edge where a fox is straight under the gun.

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