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During the excursion you will have an excellent opportunity to visit the main museums and architectural sights of Brest. Our small trip will begin with a move to Brest (350 km). The first thing we will visit here will be the St. Simeon’s Brest Cathedral. It was built in the pseudo-Russian style in 1865.  Also, the excursion includes a visit to the Fort-5 Museum, a museum of railway equipment (for additional payment), where more than 68 samples of natural railway equipment are collected, many of them are still working. Another object worthy of special attention is the Archeological Museum of Berestie (for additional payment), because it is the only museum in Europe of the medieval East Slavic city.

Also during the tour you can see Krestovozdvizhensky church, Brest railway station, interesting historical center of Brest, Freedom Square in Brest.


Next, we will go to the famous Brest Fortress, it was here in 1941 valiant soldiers held the defense for almost a month. In the Museum of Defense of the Brest Fortress, which is located on the territory of this memorial complex, you will be able to get acquainted with the military actions, not only here, but throughout Belarus, during the Great Patriotic War. And the second half of the day will finish with a visit to the St. Nicholas Brest Church.

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  • transport services
  • supply
  • certified guide services
  • entrance tickets
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Brest region is located in the south-west of Belarus, and covers an area of almost 33 thousand sq. km.

The regional center is the city of Brest. In the west it is borders with Poland, in the south with Ukraine.

The region was formed through the merger of Western Belarus with the BSSR in 1939. The region is divided into 16 districts; together they compose 20 towns, 9 settlements and more than two thousand villages.

There are a plenty of memorable places and landmarks in Brest region that make Belarus recognizable outside the country. The symbols of the region are: Memorial complex “Brest Fortress” and the Bialowieza Forest. Also the region has a popular cultural hub- Pinsk. This town is the second after Grodno in preservation of historical objects. Not all the sights of Brest region have reached us in its original form.

Beresteyschina associated with such names as Lev Sapega, Adam Mickiewicz, Napoleon Orda, Tadeusz Kosciuszko and other famous people who have left their mark not only at home but also became famous abroad. And the Brest region is a land of natural beauty, famous for its thick forests and lakes.

11 museums are open to visitors, the largest of which is a museum in Kobrin, the Folk Art Museum in Motol, the Museum of Railway Equipment and the Museum of Bread in Kamenetz district.

Brest region is located at the crossroads of major transportation routes connecting the east and west, as well as northern Europe and the south. The railway junction in Brest, standing on a an equal basis with the largest railway centers in Central Europe due to the large number of junctions provides transit CIS countries to Western European countries in the direction of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Besides, shipping is carried by the rivers that cross a given territory, that also facilitates transportation of goods.

The transit corridor Berlin – Warsaw – Brest – Minsk – Moscow is especially important. There is an airport in Brest. It is considered international and can accept any type of aircraft. In order to see all these personally, just select the desired tour and contact our managers. We offer tours in Brest and Brest region with various duration and intensity. We organize holidays for groups and individual tourists.

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