Park complex «Sula»

Park-Museum of interactive history “Sula” is a place where history comes alive and you can not just plunge for a few hours, but dissolve completely for a few days.

It is this amazing place just 49 km away from Minsk on the shores of the lake.

Price for accommodation:

from 50 $ per room

250 $ house rental for 4 people

Accommodation in the hotel:

  • Stewards’ house3*: 8 standard double rooms, located in a restored manor of house’s owner
  • Vikings’ House 3*: detached house close to the “Varian’s Havens” with living room, bedroom, decorated in appropriate style.
  • Mason’s Outhouse 5*: detached house in the heart of the park with a wine cellar and tasting room, a small terrace in the attic, luxury furniture and a stove-fireplace. Water in the house is directly connected to a spring water source.
  • Boutique Hotel 5*:the house is decorated in the style of Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and furnished according to the highest European standards. The hotel has 7 rooms, from standard doubles to VIP rooms.


  • restaurants: Royal Assembly (200 seats), Ballet Hall(190 seats), “Vyasely Pan” (70 мест);
  • barbecue zone;
  • baths;


  • excursions;
  • helicopter rides, horseback riding;
  • rental boats, catamarans, bicycles, skates and other sports equipment;
  • fishing;
  • organization of photo shoots, meetings
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Minsk region occupies the central part of Belarus and it is the largest region among other regions of the country. The regional center of the region is the city of Minsk which is also the largest city in Belarus.

The region has the second highest number of reservoirs. Total Minsk region has more than 450 rivers and 500 reservoirs, besides on the territory there are a lot of artificial reservoirs. The largest lakes are Naroch and Svir.

The Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve with a given status of international is partially located in Minsk region. The national park “Narochansky”. The region undoubtedly has a high level in organization of excursions, celebrations and festivals. Most frequently visited attractions, symbolizing the tragedy and incredible courage of our people in the days of the Second World War, are such memorable places as Khatyn, Stalin’s line, Mound of Glory, Second World War Museum are located within Minsk and Minsk region that is why it is worth visiting. Belarusian Ethnographic Museum “Dudutki” is very popular among tourists.

This museum opens the doors to the past and visitors can get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the Belarusian people. Within the complex festivals and national celebrations are constantly held. The palace and park ensemble in the town of Nesvizh is certainly worth visiting, it is protected by UNESCO. The castle was the residence of the powerful dynasty of the Radziwill family. So what can be seen in Minsk?

The list of monuments of architecture, archeology and religion is simply enormous. Having gone for a walk or a sightseeing tour of capital, one should definitely see the most famous church, or as they call it in the capital – the Red Church, visit the island of tears, an interesting architectural solution – the National Library, constructed in the form of a diamond, the Trinity Suburb, the City Hall, the Botanical Garden.

The tours within Minsk region are always characterized by their uniqueness and richness. Belarus is a hospitable country with many attractions, recreation zones, amazing nature and local color.

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