The holiday house «White coast»/ «Belyi bereg»

The holiday house is located near Gomel, in the village of Dubovets near the Dnieper river and a forest lake. The house is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure. It is represented of two buildings and can accommodate up to 150 people.


  • restaurant
  • russian sauna
  • jacuzzi tub
  • Spa
  • hamam
  • picnic and grilling area
  • parking ares


  • organization of tours
  • massage
  • sports equipment rental
  • entertainment

Room price per night:

32 €

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Gomel region is located at the south-east of Belarus. It borders on Russia and Ukraine. Gomel is the regional center.

The region consists of 21 districts, 17 cities, 18 urban villages and 2608 rural settlements.

The region has large navigable rivers such as the Dnieper, the Pripyat, the Sozh and the Berezina. Pripyat Coast is famous for its recreation areas and river rafting. In addition, a third of the entire Gomel region is covered by forests.

Higher education institutions, research institutes and technology bureau are located on the territory of the region and also Scientific Technological Park in Gomel is famous for its achievements in science.

In the X century there was the principality of Turov which was considered the strongest among all the principalities in the Ancient Rus’. At this time, Turov was not only the political and economic center, but also the cultural capital of Rus’.

Gomel region is famous for the name of the philosopher and writer Cyril Turovsky, who was the author of prayers and sermons. One of the most famous and influential of all the attractions of Gomel is Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace(Gomel palace).

In 2011, Gomel was given the status of cultural capital of our country for outstanding achievements in the cultural field.

Vacation in Gomel and Gomel region will appeal to every visitor of our country. If you want to get more information about the tours please visit our website.

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